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HARYANA DAY 2019: Haryana people will celebrate 53rd Haryana Day on 1st November

1 year ago

The sacred land of Haryana has been spreading the flag of truth, justice, and religion not only for centuries but for ages. It was here that Lord Krishna gave Arjuna the knowledge of the Gita. It was here that the Mahabharata was performed in Kurukshetra (and there were historical wars in the plains like Panipat). Not only this, but this small state of Haryana which was formed after independence has become a symbol of progress now.

Haryana was established on 1 November 1966. Haryana was separated from Punjab on a linguistic and cultural basis, since then Haryana Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy in Haryana on 1 November. This year in 2019, the 53rd Haryana Day will be celebrated all over the state on 1st November. All the state complexes and buildings will also be brightly lit up and decorated. There would also be various kinds of contests, races, marathon and debate competitions that will be held to add some flavor and spice to the Haryana Day.

Seema Jain

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