Good friday 10 April

Good Friday: a day to remember Jesus sacrifice

1 month ago

Good Friday is the day to remember the sacrifices of Jesus Christ. It is observed during the Holy Week of Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding EasterSunday, also called as Black Friday, Easter Friday, and Holy Friday. This year it is on 10 April, it is a public holiday in India and several other parts of the world.

Good Friday is a significant day in the Christian community as they remember the crucifixion and death of Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary. Jesus was betrayed by Judas and sentenced to death, Christians believed that Jesus came back three days after being crucified, on the day referred to as Easter. The death of Jesus symbolizes forgiveness for all of the sins of mankind, with Jesus sacrificing himself for the good of humankind.

Good Friday is a day of mourning, and people keep fast and pray to the Lord. Church services take place from noon to 3 pm, decorations from statues are removed and Priests dressed in black robes. The Good Friday gives the message that Christ suffered for our sake, and in the end, everyone observes the Lord’s Passover Supper.

Shruti Jain

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