First Aid and CPR Training for Traffic Police jawans at Sarvodaya Multi Specialty and Cancer Hospital on World Health Day

1 year ago

 Today, on April 7, 2019, a seminar was organized on World Health Day at Sarvodaya Multispeciality and Cancer Hospital, whose main objective was to teach Hissar Traffic Police, a better way of providing first aid to a wounded person. Dr. Umesh Kalra, Director of the hospital on World Health Day told the traffic personnel that during the road accident, victim should be given first aid services before the other doctor came.

Dr. Satyendra Tawar, practically trained the officers on Basic Life Support and Cardiac Live Support system. He also told what precautions should be taken and how to shift the patient if his backbone got injured during an accident. He said the purpose of giving these types of training is to reduce the number of accidents in the world. Reviving the heart and lungs by CPR technology was also explained in detail. Some basic things that are necessary in everyday life like how to clean the breathing tube by pressing the chest, How should the patient be saved from paralytic attack, how to save the person before the arrival of the doctor was explained.

 DSP of Hisar Police, Jogendra Sharma, who played a key role in winning India against Pakistan in World Cup T-20, 2007, arrived as the chief guest of the seminar. DSP Jogendra Sharma said that today’s seminar is a gift for our officials as today is World Health Day and they are invited to get training on first aid and CPR. On behalf of Hisar Police, he heartily thanked Dr. Umesh kalra and his team. In today’s seminar, staff of more than 70 traffic jawans took part in the workshop. Dr. Umesh Kalra said that if any traffic police jawan or any other person could save the life of a victim, we called our seminar successful.

On this occasion, Dr. Sarita Kalra, Administrator Jaspal Singh and traffic spokesman Harish Bhardwaj, along with traffic jawans were present.

Seema Jain

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