Fast Healthy and Tasty, this Navratri

2 years ago

It is that time of the year when we all celebrate the aura, bounty and manisfestion of goddess Durga. Along with enjoying the festivity, colours, lights, dance and the beautiful vibes that this festival, Navratri provides.

We all indulge ourselves into fasting these nine holy days and specially, most of us in North India do fasting on sixth and seventh day of Navratri so as to create a twosome to worship and celebrate on the eight day i.e Ashthmi.

While many foods and recipes are available, nowadays to turn our fast into a feast. But, this fasting period also can be taken as an opportunity to loose kgs and munch on some nutrients that our body needs, and which we generally can’t provide to it, due to the hustle of life.

Here, are some tricks or tips, if you apply can help you enjoy your fast in a healthier way, and what’s great about these tips is, that one can apply them on other fast days as well, except Navratri fasting days.

Eat Five Meals a day :
The purpose of fasting doesn’t mean skipping the meal. One should make a balance between starving and eating their favourite navratri dishes. Try to indulge in five smaller meals in a day such as cucumber – tomato raita, quick smoothies, Banana shake, fruit – salad etc. which would keep you healthy and energetic the whole day.

Keep Hydrating yourself :
Due to our routine stressful and hustle filled life, we all have been addicted to tea, coffee etc. and muching some fried goodies along with them, seems to be a tempting idea, of satiating oneself.

But, we forget to analyse, that these two drinks makes us extremely dehydrated. Therefore, one must indulge oneself in coconut water (with or without chia seeds), fruit juices, buttermilk, lime water, detox drinks etc.
This way, one can’t just stay filled up for long but also can add a wholesome variety of hydration to one’s daily intake.

Eat your nutrients:
It has not been hidden from all of us, that nutrients are an essential part of our diet as it keeps us fuller and keep us away from our routine binge eating.
Therefore, adding nutrients to our fasting days, is an excellent idea. One can opt for cottage cheese, ghee, buckwheat aata (kuttu ka atta), sago etc. which provides a satiable experience.

Try to stick to these tips and enjoy fasting these navratris in a healthier way.

Happy Navratri Everyone!
Eat Healthy and Stay fit!

-Sakshi Narang
Manager, Communication and Editorial,

Jugaadin News

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