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The famous Bariatric surgeon, Dr. Tarun Sapra  Director –  Sapra Multispeciality Hospital in an interview with Jugaadin News speak about the weight loss surgery and the various aspects and health conditions related to it. Obesity is a curse for our body. A obese person is not able to do certain things which a healthy person can do actively. That’s why to get rid of the excess weight, Bariatric Surgery is done. Bariatric or weight loss surgery is done when all other option of reducing weight has gone in vanish. Basicaly Bariatric surgery is done by reducing the size of the stomach or removing a portion of the stomach. Weight loss is a good option to get rid of health issues like Blood Pressure, hypertension, stress, joint pain, etc.


Bariatric is done in two ways: Open and Laparoscopic. The different types of Bariatric surgery are: Gastric band, gastric bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Intra-gastric balloon, biliopancreatic diversion. Weight lost quickly by gastric bypass technique but gastric bands are removable if patient face any kind of problem after surgery. This surgery is not having any serious side effects and candidate should undergo certain tests to determine whether he is overweight or not. Surgery should be performed by a certified surgeon with experience/training in Bariatric and metabolic surgery, and at a center that has a multidisciplinary team of experts for follow-up care. This may include a nutritionist, an exercise physiologist or specialist, and a mental health professional said Dr. Tarun sapra.

Types of Baratric Surgery – Dr. Tarun Sapra | Pic Spruce – Google



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