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1 year ago

Digital marketing industry is in boom nowadays. According to statistics, this industry will provide lakhs of job by year 2020. A business will grow only when it knows where the prospect resides. In today’s era, when everyone and everything is getting online and digitalized, the demand of digital marketers is increasing. Thus, doing digital marketing course is the need of hour.

Hisar, the education hub of Haryana is now providing coaching of digital marketing course at Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing to the students of city and of adjoining areas. Digital marketing is a process of marketing in which the promotion of products and services and is done through digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SEO, Blogging etc. If we are promoting some products on facebook, then this type of promotion is called social media marketing (a part of digital marketing). The digital marketing course includes components like:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- It is process by which traffic (audience) is diverted to your website by SEO techniques.


SMM (Social Media Marketing):- In this,  the promotion is done through the social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube etc.

Social Media Marketing Course in Hisar

Mobile Marketing:- In mobile marketing, we will get to know about how to promote ads on mobile devices and also know about placement of ads on mobile devices. It is target based marketing.

E-Mail Marketing in Hisar

E-mail Marketing:- It is a process of sending bulk emails by using bulk emailing tools.

Content Marketing:- It is a process in which you will learn about how to create a good content & its techniques.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing):- It is form of internet marketing in which traffic is generated to increase the visibility of website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Affiliate Marketing:- It is a process in which a person brings another person on e-commerce website(like Amazon, Flipkart etc.) through his/her provided affiliate link. If a person buys something through sender’s link then the sender will get some reward as a commission from that e-commerce website.

Affiliate Marketing in Hisar

This is an overview of Digital Marketing Course but it is a very vast field of knowledge. It includes practical as well live project training. So, those who want to stand out from the crowd can opt for Digital Marketing course in Hisar.

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