Central Excise Day 2020


1 month ago

Central excise day is celebrated on 24 February across all India to encourage the employees of the excise department to carry out the central excise duty all over India in a better way, to prevent the corruption in goods manufactured business and to implement other rules to hold out absolute best excise services.

 Central excise is the essential source of the financial development of the country for good socio-economic development in India. In the past years, the financial revenue of the country has become double through the higher service delivery standards of the central excise departments.

 The revenue collection through the central excise department is retained for schemes like education, health including other schemes of the social sector. Central excise strengthens the Indian economy for eliminating illiteracy and poverty, to supply better education and health services to make a healthy and developed country.

 Duties of Excise Duty

 Excise is a tax charged on goods produced within the country as opposed to customs duties, charged from goods outside the country as opposed to customs duties, charged on goods from outside the country. The central excise duty is imposed and collected by the central excise department. The entry empowers the Central Government Levy duty on articles produced or manufactured in India except for alcohol and drug.

 Excise departments are responsible and under bound obligation to look into the excise duty matters, to check evasion and protect the country.

How it is Celebrated

Companies with good performances are awarded and most outstanding employees of the custom and excise department are felicitated for their services to the Indian Government.

Workshops, seminars, and educational events are conducted and awareness programs are run by concerned departments. On this Day special articles are also the publisher in Magazines and Newspapers.

Shruti Jain

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