Career Guidance: Best career options after B.A.

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In the educational career of any student, completion of graduation is taken into account as one of the most important landmarks.  However, after being graduated, students have a question of what after this? And this question haunts them unless they get an answer. Making the right choice for a professional career is very important in the case of Arts graduate.

When it is about career selections and remunerative job offers, Arts graduates have continuously felt at a drawback. They face a limited number of career options and job opportunities, hence they feel great difficulty in choosing the right path. However, things have improved drastically in recent times for BA students. Now they have many options for further study and excellent job opportunities. Some of the career selections that Arts Graduate has after finishing their BA degree.

Master of Arts / MA

This is the most well-liked choice for graduates after finishing a Bachelor of Arts degree. Master of Arts is the postgraduate level degree program that BA graduate will take part in order to pursue higher studies. M.A. degree is essential who want to pursue M.Phil and Doctorate degree.

B.Ed / Bachelor of Education
This is a perfect educational program for candidates who love to teach. Here students get to learn to teach pedagogy to use at school and college during teaching. with the exception of providing a theoretical foundation in teaching, the course conjointly provides sensible coaching and aids within the development of teaching skills of the candidates.

Diploma Courses
Diploma programs are short term courses in various fields like animation, film, pottery, journalism, management, etc so that student become proficient in adapting to the professional environment.

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L.LB / Bachelor of Laws
This program is for those who want to pursue a career in the legal field. LLB stands for Bachelor of legislative law. They can practice advocacy after completion of their BA. They can also be a judge by clearing Judicial services examination and can work as legal advisors in private firms. MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The popularity of this academic program is increasing day by day as it provides a lucrative job and career options. Not only it prepares future managers, but also entrepreneurs.

Event Management

Creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions require event managers that can take responsibility for the whole event. There are plenty of jobs in this industry.

Thus, these are a few popular career options available to BA Graduates who want to pursue higher education.  There are many other academic programs like air-hostesses, hotel management, journalism & mass communication, and others, which Arts graduates can join to make a successful and rewarding career.

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