Boeing Starliner fails to reach to ISS in a test flight

1 year ago

Boeing Starliner is a spacecraft developed by Boeing in collaboration with NASA’s commercial crew program to send astronauts to ISS (International Space Station). The starliner can supports up to 7 crews and is being able to remain on-orbit for up to seven months.

For its test flight, starliner launched on Dec20 morning in an uncrewed mission called Orbital Flight Test (OFT). But the plan didn’t as it was planned. The spacecraft launched on the top of an Atlas V rocket which was built by United Launch Alliance.

The starliner was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral Florida but it didn’t reach to the orbit. According to the report, the automated timer error had caused the failure of the mission. The starliner is the milestone mission test for Boeing because it can help to leverage future space travel.

Deepak Kumar

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