B.Sc Medical: Different career options a student can choose

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For a medical student who is unable to crack the NEET for entering into the medical college or those who don’t want to go for a professional doctorate degree, deciding which field to choose for bachelors is very difficult and cumbersome. Because they think that going for B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) is not a good option as it will restrict their future path but to help those students we’ve put together a few potential careers for biology majors, on how they can make their favorite subject a successful career path.

Research scientist

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This is one career choice for biology or B.Sc (Med) student who prefers a more research-oriented approach to their jobs. Working in a lab setting, solving a variety of problems within the environment or within plants and animals, is expected out from a research scientist. This is an excellent choice for biology majors with a strong work ethic and a good eye for detail.


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 If you love animals and are interested in studying them either in the wild or at a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, then this might be an excellent career choice for you. One can do specialization further in curing diseases, enhancing and improving certain types of livestock, or studying certain animals and their habitats.


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Microbiology is concerned with the study of microorganisms and their effect on human and environment. It might be the perfect career choice for those who want to help impact people’s lives and their overall health. Being a microbiologist, you can work in healthcare and agricultural fields. After doing B.Sc with biology majors, one can do specialization in microbiology.


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Botanists are interested in the study of interactions of plants with other organisms and the environment. They find new species or do experiments to discover how plants grow under different conditions. Choosing botany as major in M.Sc after B.Sc (Med) can help in fulfilling your dream of becoming Botanist.

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