seminar on quality score

A Seminar on quality score and Google Adwords held at HiDM

5 months ago

Every online advertiser has some questions like what Quality Score is, how it affects any campaign, what factors are used to formulate the Quality Score, and how to optimize account to have a Great Quality Score. The answers to these questions were given in a seminar on Quality score held on January 15 at HiDM, Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing by the student Vijender Singh. The seminar was conducted under the aegis of Er Manmohan Singla, Director, HiDM.

seminar on Quality score and CTR

Vijender explained the concept of quality score, Adwords, relevant keywords, CTR, why Quality score is important and factors that make up quality score and moreover improving the relevancy of keywords, ads and landing page are the measures that improve the quality score of any Adword.

seminar on CTR and Quality score

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