A big question – How to choose a career after 10th and 12th?

9 months ago

Since childhood, children do what parents ask them to do.  A two and a half-year-old child is sent to school and if he is asked- Why he is going to school? He has only one answer that his parents want.  Why parents say that because every parent does the same.  If the child does not go to school then how will he study, how will he gain the knowledge, how will he make a career later.  Hearing this word ‘career’ from everyone, children grew up and come in 10th and 12th but they are unable to take any decision by themselves.  If the children are asked what stream they want to take, they will say that Papa wants me to be an engineer or my friends are taking Maths or I got very good marks in Maths in the 10th, so I will also take Maths.  They have no wish of their own.

 But the career is a very big decision of every child’s life journey on which his whole life depends, so as a counselor, Dr. Pooja Grover (Child Counselor and Life Coach) says that every child should know few things so that they can choose their career easily.

First of all, every child must recognize his strength and weakness, his potential, what is his unique strength.  It has been observed that children often get confused and say that –  this is my interest. But this does not mean that it can also be his potential because the interest varies with time and experience, but I. Q.  and aptitude does not change if he identifies it.  Your interest can also be your hobby.  Some children have difficulty recognizing their strength and weaknesses.  At that time, they should seek the help of professional counselors and can also take vocational guidance.

analyzing strength and weakness
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Vocational guidance consists of psychometric assessment in which some standard tests are to be given by children to analyze their intelligence, aptitude, interest, and personality.  On the basis of which two or three career options of the child are identified.

After that the second step is once options are identified try to find out the courses that are available related to that option, are those courses available in your city, India or Abroad.  It is also very important to know the admission process for that course, when the forms are out, when is the entrance, etc.  Along with this, the children should also know what are the complementary courses or alike courses available in that course.  You should keep a Plan B ready for yourself because, in today’s time, competition is very tough, if the student is not successful in Plan A, then he often falls into depression and takes any course for that he regrets later, but if the plan B is there, then he can choose from it.

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The third step is to know your resources. There are only two things in resources. Firstly, how much time do you have to build your career and second, how much money your parents can spend on your career. 

In the last, you should know the Scope of the career you have chosen.  The scope is not something related to future salary and designation. Scope means how to maximize your ability and potential. In how many areas your potential can be applied because when the potential increases, the money, and designation automatically follows.

 If every child keeps these 4 things in mind, then he can definitely do a good career choice. Career affects not only professional life but also personal life.

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