6 Learning behaviors: Do you know which one follows by your child?

1 year ago

Have we ever wonder why some children like maths or playing with numbers, some like to paint, some like to act and someone is an all rounder. The differences in interest occur due to different learning styles. Every individual has his own style of learning. But if we talk about our education system that works on the principle of one size fits all model is not appropriate in this regard. It will help only some of the students. Thus, to get the best out from a student and to know what are his keen interest areas, one should understand his learning style first.

Let’s understand different learning styles:

  1. Visual (Spatial)
  2. Auditory (Aural)
  3. Linguistic (Verbal)
  4. Social (Interpersonal
  5. Solitary (Intrapersonal)
  6. Physical (kinesthetic)

Visual learners are those who prefer to study or collect data through images, pictures, maps and graphics.

Visual Learning
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Aural or auditory learners are those who can assess information through listening and speaking.  They have nice memory for conversations and enjoy debates and discussions.

Auditory Learner
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Verbal learners are good at collecting information through words. They are excellent in reading, writing, and speaking. They can learn many languages.

Verbal Learner
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Social learner is one who learns through interaction with others. They are good at communication and can read other’s emotion very well.

Social Learner
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Intrapersonal learner is one who enjoys his own company and likes to do self study. They are self motivator and self managed people.

learning by himself
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Physical learners are totally different from others. They are the one who learn when movements of their body parts are included while learning e.g. walking while reading.

Learning by doing
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It is not necessary that only one individual will follow only one learning style. They can have more than one learning style like a good verbal learner can be an excellent aural learner too. Thus, it is important for a parent to know learning pattern of their child so that they can help them in capturing opportunities.

A parent can also get to know the learning disabilities and behavior of a child with certain psychometric evaluation techniques, IQ test and learning disabilities test used by clinical psychologist.

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