5 Classic Revenges in Cricket

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Cricket has been always perceived as a gentleman’s game. You would have heard people that it is a very sophisticated sport. Well, is it or isn’t it can be a matter of discussion. But, there are several incidents in which players have been seen to indulge in heated exchange of words. Sledging has been used in cricket as a tactical strategy since its beginning. Moreover, there have also been incidents in which after being triggered by the opponent, players have answered in the form of game (scored runs or taken wickets). These incidents can be particularly termed as ‘Revenges’ in cricket. They can be said as the moments of glory, as the player involved in them has proved his mettle in the true spirit of the game. Considering all these factors, it can be stated that Cricket is rather a very exciting sport than a gentleman’s game. It has all types of high-voltage moments consisting of sledging, ‘sweet’ exchange of words, arguments and revenges. So, let’s have a look at 5 Classic Revenges in Cricket.

Venkatesh Prasad Incident

One of the most famous India-Pakistan encounters happened at the World Cup 1996 edition. India had set Pakistan a target of 288 runs in 49 overs in the quarterfinal match in Bangalore. Pakistan had an explosive start, with Aamir Sohail and Saeed Anwar banging Indian bowlers round the park from the first ball itself. Fast bowler Venkatesh Prasad came to bowl the 15th over of the innings, with Pakistan at 104 for one. Aamir Sohail hit Prasad for a fiery boundary on the 5th ball of the over, and then even signalled Prasad with his bat directing towards the boundary.

Prasad didn’t receive this act by Sohail in a good mood. On the very next ball, the last ball of the over, Prasad gave a befitting reply to Sohail. He knocked the bails off the stumps! This ‘payback’ moment was followed by Prasad signaling Sohail to go back to the pavilion. This was a result of the batsman losing his confidence and becoming a bit arrogant. This wicket of the in-form batsman Sohail changed the course of the match completely and ultimately India won it by 39 runs to reach the semifinals of the World Cup.

Venkatesh Prasad vs Aamir Sohail- Classic Revenges in Cricket | Image Source: Google

Natwest 2002 Finals

In the Natwest 2002 Final held at the Mecca of Cricket, Lord’s. A target of 326 was set by England on board for India to chase. Yuvraj Singh and Mohammed Kaif played an instrumental role in India achieving the target successfully. And subsequently, the world saw one of the greatest revenge moments of the game. Captain of the Indian cricket team, Sourav Ganguly took off his shirt and waved it in the air at the iconic balcony of the Lord’s! 

But, what was the reason for Ganguly doing so? Actually Andrew Flintoff had also waved off his shirt in a similar manner in the previous series against India at the Wankhede Stadium. Ganguly did take his revenge in the most flamboyant way.

Sourav Ganguly – Classic Revenges in Cricket | Image Source: Google
Classic Revenges in Cricket | Image Source: Google

Yuvraj Singh’s 6 Sixes

Andrew Flintoff has this habit of instigating Indians and then taking it back from them. In the first edition of the T-20 World Cup held in South Africa in 2007, India faced England in a very crucial match. Flintoff was continuously inciting Yuvraj which resulted in a very heated exchange of words between the two. In the very next over bowled by Stuart Broad, Yuvraj hammered him for 6 sixes off the 6 balls! And that too in all directions possible. Yuvraj scored 58 runs in 16 deliveries which consisted of 7 sixes and 3 fours and led India to set a target of 219 runs in 20 overs. India won this match by 18 runs. This remains one of the most iconic moments in cricket history till date.

Yuvraj Singh’s 6 Sixes- Classic Revenges in Cricket | Image Source: Google

The CPL Revenge

This incident happened in a match between Jamaica Tallawahs and Guyana Amazon Warriors in Carribean Premier League 2017. Kesrick Williams was on the bowling end and Chadwick Walton was batting. This incident is one of the most exciting ones in the history of the game. In the match Walton was dismissed by Williams and subsequently Williams celebrated this moment by his trademark celebration of taking out a virtual notebook and ticking off the name of his wicket.

Walton took this as a very embarrassing and mocking act. He again faced Williams again in the next match between the Tallawahs and Warriors . This time, Walton came with full preparedness and remained calm initially even after Williams was instigating him. Walton sent Williams for a four off the first ball. He then gave his reply to Williams with the same action which Williams had done, the difference being that Walton assumed his bat as the notebook. He scored 23 runs in that over and didn’t stop there. He then hit Williams for a couple of boundaries later in the match. Walton scored 84 runs off 40 deliveries in that match, which turned out to be sweet revenge for him and not so sweet for Williams!

“Notebook” Revenge- Classic Revenges in Cricket | Image Source: Google

2013/14 Ashes Series

The 2013/14 Ashes series is remembered for Mitchell Johnson’s ruthless 37 wickets in the series. The English batsmen had no options available other than surrendering in front of the furious Johnson. An incident in the first Test in Brisbane involving James Anderson and Johnson is quite interesting. Johnson and Ryan Harris were on crease, and England was keen to wrap up the tail soon. Then Johnson was heard on the stump mic saying “Why are you chirping now mate? Not getting wickets?” Anderson had a reply ready for him. He replied by yorking Harris on the very next delivery. Johnson took his revenge by rattling Anderson’s middle stump in the next Test and kept the battle alive.

Classic Revenges in Cricket | Image Source: Google

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