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No doubt luck works in becoming a professional footballer, but you’ll be able to give yourself a higher chance by following certain principles in life. Being a professional footballer is a dream for several but not seem easy to become. After all, it offers you to become a millionaire by playing a game you love. Not only that, but those that excel in sports, more often, have a special place in everyone’s heart and their legacy, as well as their achievement, is remembered for generations. However, it’s an incredibly competitive industry, which demands dedication, consistency, and sacrifice.

So here are a few steps for you to must follow in pursuit of becoming a professional footballer.

Follow your passion

You must follow what your heart suggests. Taking up something that doesn’t have your heart would not lead to you to the pinnacle of success.

Start early

It is never late to start any career in any field, but as being said Football is set up where you can go on until a certain age. So its better if you start early if you are showing signs of developing your potential in that field.

Join a professional club/camp at a young age

To enhance your chances of becoming a pro player you must enroll yourself in the grassroots development programs that various clubs provide. These will help you to enhance your skill as well as to help you know your true potential.

Body training and Fitness

Sports and fitness go hand by hand. If you want to have a career in sports, fitness is a must.  Training your body goes on to become a professional player is one of the most essential elements in your career.

Joining Teams

You need to be play games regularly throughout your development to extend your visibility to scouts. And don’t be afraid to vary teams either. It’s noble to remain loyal to an area team, but it’s no good to you as a person if they do not have good coaching or play to a high level.

Healthy Diet

Professional footballers are athletes and to succeed in that physical level one must eat a healthy diet. They expend plenty of energy in training and matches, that the secret’s to seek out a cheerful nutritional balance in the meals, which suggests getting enough protein and carbohydrates, furthermore as fluids. Lionel Messi, for instance, follows a strict diet that has many glasses of water, fish, whole-grain foods, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Cristiano Ronaldo, likewise, incorporates foods like fish and eggs into his diet.


Football is a 90minutes game we all know and running up and down the field requires a lot of stamina. Cardiovascular exercises like running, jumping, jogging, and weight training helps build up strength and endurance.


Injury is a part of any game and football is nothing new to this. You may get injured while you are young. You mustn’t let the injury dampen your progress rather than try to recover from it as quickly as possible. Also, your body needs to be trained as hard as possible so that you are fit for every match and regain your sharpness as quickly as possible.

Sharpen Your Tactical Awareness

Football is a game where tactics play an important part. You have to switch on mentally and physically all the time. One needs to understand the role he is going to play in the squad that would benefit the entire squad.

The perfection of your skills

We have all been mesmerized by Messi’s dribbles or Ronaldo’s power shots, Neymar’s Flair and counting. It is only possible when you perfect your skillset so when the crunch situations come, you can bring the best out of yourself.

Have a complete kitbag

Now football could be a career instead of a hobby, just making do is not any longer an option when it involves being equipped for match day and training. One should have a proper pair of boots to medical kits in case of emergency even at a fairly early stage.

Creating a Footballing CV

Creating a resume of your positions, attributes, achievements, and maybe even visual highlights, if they exist, could be a useful exercise within the pursuit of a career in football. Not only does it create a profile for scouts and potential employers, but the practice also encourages you to reflect on yourself, which can facilitate you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Hire an Agent

Football, like many other jobs, relies heavily on networking and it helps if you have contacts within the sport who could also be ready to lobby in your favor. That’s where agents are available. Agents have a wide-ranging role, but essentially their remit is to seek out suitable clubs for his or her client and ensure they get a good deal.

Going into trials

Going on trial with a club will be one in all the foremost pivotal experiences of an aspiring footballer’s career. it’s an opportunity to point out a prospective employer that you have got to supply their team and potentially earn a contract. When you last tried it’s informed treat it very seriously, demonstrating the characteristics that got you there within the first place but also to undertake to enjoy it. Be respectful towards staff, coaches and fellow players then do your best within the training sessions and games.

College Scholarships

Another route that aspiring footballers can go down is that of earning a football scholarship at a university, which has the double advantage of allowing you to urge a third-level education too. In the US., college sport could be a lot more closely intertwined with their professional equivalents and there’s SuperDraft involving college soccer stars in big league Soccer. The culture within the UK and Europe are somewhat different, but clubs do monitor university-level football and a few universities have direct links with clubs.

Finally, the most important thing which is a must is your willingness to work hard. You have to put grueling hours of practice and dedication to make a name for yourself in this field. Sports is an industry where there is no place for complacency. You have to work hard to be spotted and continue to work hard to maintain your place. One small mistake can cost your entire career to go downhill any day.   

Souhardya Das

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